Looking to join our growing team of purpose driven, health conscious people dedicated to evangelizing our brand with your unique ability?


Fit Trendz is the sole distributor of the LifeAID brand in Australia & New Zealand and has a strong cooperation as well as shared values and goals with the LifeAID Beverage Company. We identify very strongly with the LifeAID family and brand and share their approach to market, business goals and philosophy.
LifeAID is an independent company still led by it's founders – Dr. Aaron Hinde and Orion Melehan-- who represent a new generation of entrepreneurs focused on corporate responsibility and stewardship. They believe that success isn’t success at all if not shared success. Our small team is a group of dedicated men and women who have “drunk” our particular brand of cool AID. And why shouldn’t they? We provide medical benefits, our own free private gym, a great working environment and financial participation in the company’s growth. Everyone who works at LifeAID (and plays here) is a true stakeholder!


Number 1:
Create the most fun, healthy, holistic and fulfilling work environment in Santa Cruz County
Number 2:
Grow deliberately, sustainably & consistently create long term value for our customers and stakeholders
Number 3:
Be curious, ask questions, communicate and adopt a growth mindset
Number 4:
Everyone is an owner. Approach your work as one.
Number 5:
Work hard, play hard - have fun doing both
Number 6:
Create raving fans – of our team members, customers, suppliers and community
Number 7:
Be solutions-oriented, not problem-focused
Number 8:
Do more with less
Number 9:
Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection

Job Openings

We currently don’t have any job opening at FIT TRENDZ however as our business is expanding we will be looking to strengthen our team in the future. If you think you have what it takes to join our team as we set out for explosive growth throughout Australia & New Zealand, Please send your resume and motivation to [email protected]