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What is LifeAID? LifeAID Beverage Company is the leading manufacturer of premium, healthy, and convenient nutritional products for every lifestyle. Each of LifeAID Beverage Co’s current and future lifestyle offerings, while different in flavor and formulation, share some important characteristics. Each is: doctor developed, only 45 calories, sweetened with organic blue agave and fortified with ingredients designed to AID a particular avocation.

FitAID not only tastes amazing, but it is packed with all the supplements I love to take. When you coach, train and are on the road like me, FitAID is the perfect recovery and replenishment drink! We sell them at our gym and have a hard time keeping them in stock.

I can't live without my FitAID!

Jackie Perez - Trainer, coach and badass

What other Gym owners are saying about their success

Open Country CrossFIt

FitAID is a great product and tastes great. Our athletes especially have liked FitAID on hot days as it contains great supplements and is only lightly carbonated, which means no bloated feeling like with other carbonated drinks.

C. Ryan Bucher

Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness

My business partner and I bought some FitAID to try the free samples.  We figured we would give it a go in our gym.  We are not big fans of “sports/energy” drinks, but the marketing for FitAID sounded good.  We were instantly hooked.  The flavor is excellent.  It’s not overwhelming sweet or “buzzy”.  It taste refreshing, especially after a workout.  Some of my clients have even compared it to Mimosas!  It definitely helps me and my clients recover after a hard workout.  I have had it to drink in the middle of a workout, especially strength workouts and I definitely feel that I can better push through my workouts.

I have been throughly impressed by the product.  And my sales numbers have far surpassed my expectations.  I feel confident in providing this drink to my clients.  It’s low in calories and meets my Paleo expectations.  I am happy that my clients have been impressed with the results they have seen from the product.  I have many “repeat” buyers who prefer to drink FitAID over any other product they drink.